We’re not horsing around! Horse riding has come a long way. Like the rest of our lives, the equestrian world has become a hot-bed for new technology! For that reason, at The Insurance Emporium, we’ve made a list of five of the most exciting new items of tech around for the horse riding enthusiast! But let’s skip the opener and get straight to the mane event!

Serious horseplay!

There are more and more ways to keep track of your fitness these days and now it’s no different for your horse! The Estride™ Tracker measures stride count, gait pattern, horse stability, jump efforts and calorie burn for both horse and rider. It could increase the productivity of your training sessions, and help with rehabilitation of your horse post-injury. Using it might help you really take the reins of your horse’s fitness!

Get in the saddle!

Saddle up for our next item, also from Estride™! Their product, Harmony, is a lightweight, pressure sensitive mat that measures the amount of force being applied to the back of your horse during riding. It might be really useful in assessing your technique, as well as finding out if your saddle fits properly. It gathers data and sends it directly to your mobile device in easy to interpret information, which could make for a more comfortable ride for you both!

Halt, in the name of health!

Whilst we’d always like to be there for our horse, we can’t stable up with them the entire time! Nightwatch® is the World’s first smart halter™, and is designed to monitor the horse in your absence. It might be able to detect early signs of danger or distress in your horse, for example colic or foaling. It then alerts you via text, phone call and email! Sadly, at the moment it’s only available in the USA and Canada, but it’s one to watch!

There’s something in the air!

While horse riding is a lot of fun, it can also come with certain dangers! However, you could stay safe with one of Helite’s equestrian airbags. Available as both a vest and a full jacket, they also include a range for the circuit; so there are plenty of options for looking the part! They can also provide support to your upper body, neck and spine should an accident occur. It could help you stay safe as horses!

It’s the safety dance!

Another item that is placing an emphasis on safety for both you and your horse is Lume, a road safety device designed by a very clever student from Loughborough University! It retrofits to existing saddles, and makes use of radar technology to detect approaching vehicles. Riders are alerted to traffic using a rear panel and rubber wristband that vibrates. It won’t stop drivers driving, but could give riders a chance to move to one side if they need to. It’s not available on the market just yet, but expect it to be trotted out for sale very soon!

Whether you’re a novice or an experienced rider, we hope our list of what to look out for will help you keep safe and improve your canter! If you’re considering spending money on equipment for your horse, you might like to think about horse insurance. At The Insurance Emporium we offer up to 30% Discount*, as well as Elective Benefits such as cover for Saddlery & Tack or Personal Accident. Gallop down to The Insurance Emporium to find out more!


* The 30% discount is available on lunar and calendar monthly policies and policies where the premium is paid annually. It is made up of 20% Introductory Discount plus 10% Multi-horse Discount (if appropriate). The Introductory Discount is available for the first 12 premium payments on lunar and monthly policies or on one premium payment on annual policies.

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