Valentine’s Day has been and gone for another year, possibly a relief for those feeling lonely. The shops were teeming with heart shaped gifts and other romantic gestures, acting as the perfect reminder for those of us feeling a bit lonely! Don’t worry though, with social media, dating websites and many other mediums to help you find that magical spark, dating has never been easier! When it comes to the type of person that you’re looking for, here at The Insurance Emporium we think that a cat or dog owner could make the perfect companion for your adventures in life! Check out our reasons why below!

Pet InsurancePet pre-approved!

It can be tough to figure out if your date is the right type of person for you straightaway, there might be some clues though! If you find yourself wining and dining a pet owner, it could be a great indicator as to whether your date is ‘the one’ as many people believe animals to be fantastic judges of character! If a cat doesn’t like you then they’ll probably have no issues showing you a sassy sign of discontent, similarly if a dog thinks you’re dodgy then they might keep their distance! Interestingly, some people believe that dogs can sense a lot about the type of person that you are and your intentions. This is thought to be one of the reasons that some pooches can make great guard dogs. Pet parents are usually the subjects of undying love from their animal, so it stands to reason that they must be doing something right! If your new flame has earned the trust of their pet then it’s likely that they’ve been given the seal of approval!

What are you like?!

Whether you’re looking for an active and playful dog owner or a chilled-out and cuddly cat companion, a prospective partner’s choice of pet could tell you a lot about the personality of your date! Dog owners are more likely to be active and sociable, as walking the dog is a great chance for them to meet people and get some exercise. Cat owners on the other hand are potentially more likely to enjoy a relaxing night-in. Research from Mars Petcare also showed that cat owners may enjoy more gentle hobbies such as reading or writing. It’s also thought that animals begin to take on the traits of their owner, so if you spot a lazy moggy lounging on the sofa it might be a sign that your companion enjoys doing the same thing! Similarly, if you’re not a big fan of the outdoors and your suitor won’t stop talking about their Labrador then it might be the right time to make your escape!

Pet InsuranceNot just for Christmas…

Taking on a pet should be more than just a passing fancy, it’s a long-term commitment that requires constant attention and work. For those taking on a puppy or a kitten, there are months of training and house-breaking required. Just like a relationship, things are not always easy with a pet but the rewards can be well worth the time and effort! Many pet owners will probably have been tested along the way; perhaps their pet has left a messy ‘gift’ on their favourite rug or chewed up a nice pair of shoes but their commitment to their animal means that they never give up and always keep working! We’re not suggesting that a relationship has exactly those problems (if your date starts chewing on your shoes – run!) but it is certainly a constant work in progress! Chances are, if your sweetheart has a pet then they’re used to committing for the long-haul!

Animal instinct

Those who own a pet have to develop a keen sense of what their animal wants and needs without the ability to communicate verbally. Have you ever been in a relationship where you just don’t feel understood and wish your partner would read you a little better? If you find yourself dating a pet owner, those days of screaming “you just don’t understand me!” in the heat of the moment could be over! Anyone who can instinctively tell when their animal needs feeding, exercise or a cuddle might just have that gift for reading signs that can make a relationship work! If you’re looking for a partner that can feel the vibes when you’re getting a little ‘hangry’ and need feeding, just want some comfort after a hard day or need letting out in the garden for the toilet (well, maybe not that one!), then a pet owner could be the ideal candidate for you!

Pet InsurancePet parenting!

We can’t look past what could be the greatest reason to date a pet owner – you get to adopt a pet! There are very few things in life as good as the excitement of meeting a new partner, starting a brand new adventure together and falling in love but throw a pet into the mix and you get two-for-the-price-of-one! With a doggy daddy or a moggy mummy you don’t just get a human to love and share your memories with, you get a new best friend too! Taking on this commitment could also be a good sign as to how you’ll handle ‘co-parenting’ and working as a team. For those commitment-phobes out there, a pet might also be a great way to stall for time before starting a family!

The beginning of a relationship can be a magical time, especially if there’s a pet involved to share your adventures! If you find an animal-loving attraction, it might be worth thinking about insuring your pet. At The Insurance Emporium, there’s a 20% Introductory Discount available on new Dog and Cat Insurance policies. We offer a range of policy types with a variety of Standard Benefits plus a choice of Elective Benefits! Make a date with The Insurance Emporium to find out more!


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