Can’t decide if you’re a dog or a cat person? Why not both? Some pet owners wish for both a canine and a feline to live with. The problem is, sometimes these furry friends just don’t get along! If you’re worried about this issue then, at The Insurance Emporium, we want to help. Check out our infographic on how to help your mutt and your moggy to get along.

Pick purrfect pets

Some cats and dogs will get along more easily than others. A puppy and a kitten could be a good match because they might not have had any bad experiences with the other species yet. Plus, it might be easier to train a younger dog on how to behave around a cat. If you’re adopting older pets then it’s worth checking their background. Choosing a dog that has previously had experience with a cat, or vice versa, could help speed up the process of getting your animals to become friends.

Give them space

When introducing your pets for the first time – or trying to improve the relationship with co-habiting cats and dogs – approach it carefully! Keep them in separate parts of the house so that they are able to have their own space. This will allow them to feel comfortable in their home, while you’ll have peace of mind that they are avoiding any potential confrontation!

Swap scents

Getting your cat and your dog used to each other’s smell before they actually meet each other will help. You can do this by stroking both your pets, without washing your hands between petting them, and swapping over their bedding every so often to allow them to become familiar with the other’s scent. When ready, you could allow your pets to smell each other under a closed door. Installing a baby gate could also allow the pets to see and smell each other without coming into contact.

Meet and greet

When your pets are ready to be introduced, set up meetings for the two of them that you can supervise. Put a leash on your dog during these interactions until your pets behave well around each other. Ensure that your cat is able to keep their distance from the dog. Also, make these play dates brief so that the animals don’t outstay their welcome and potentially become aggressive. This should help each pet get used to the other one and not see them as a negative force.

Reach new heights

Your cat is only likely to attack a dog if they feel like they cannot get away. For this reason, it’s best to ensure that your feline has somewhere to escape to during the early meetings with your dog, and places with height are often preferred. Consider getting a cat tree or allowing them to climb on some shelves. If you have a baby gate then this could give your cat an escape-route to a dog-free area.

These tips and a little patience will hopefully go a long way to encouraging your pets to become friends. Of course, having multiple pets can be expensive, especially if things go wrong. That’s where pet insurance could come in handy. At The Insurance Emporium, we offer a 10% Multi-pet Discount when you insure more than one pet. If you think this could be useful for your cat and dog, stop by The Insurance Emporium today!


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