The key to magical cycling adventures is having the right bike for the job, however it can be tricky to know what you are looking for. At The Insurance Emporium, we understand how overwhelming it can be when you first set foot in a cycle shop. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to break down some of the details and help you work out what the best bike might be for you.

Bicycle Insurance1. Choose your riding style

With so many different bikes on the market, consider what type of riding you will be doing. Our guide to choosing the right type of cycling for you could help with this. For example, if you’ll mostly be mountain biking but might also use your bike to get around then a hardtail mountain bike could suit you. For long distances on tarmac, maybe consider a road bike. Just need something to get to work on or go to the shops with? Perhaps you could look at Dutch bikes, hybrids or even electric bikes.

2. Set a budget

Have a figure in mind for how much you want to spend – sometimes, the more you spend can ensure a better bike but not always! High-end road bikes are more likely to be made of lighter materials like carbon or titanium, which could suit serious long-distance riders. For a casual rider, a mid-range bike could be best as long as you check the quality of things like its wheels, chain and, if you need it, suspension. Shopping around for a second-hand cycle could potentially help you bag an excellent bike at a bargain price too!

Bicycle Insurance3. Fancy features

Consider the kinds of features you want your bike to include. This is one of the areas where your budget will come into play. For example, different types of brakes suit different riders – mountain bikers are often partial to disc brakes but road cyclists tend to prefer calliper brakes. Other things to consider include what wheel-size you’d prefer, whether or not you want suspension and if you want to be able to attach things like pannier bags or a basket.

4. Get into gear

When you were a kid, the person with the most gears on their bike was probably the coolest in the gang! As an adult, your gear set-up might vary a bit more. If you’re expecting to ride on a lot of flat ground then you may prefer not to have too many gears. Perhaps you could even opt for a single-speed bike! However, if you expect to do a lot of hill-climbing and want to ride fast on the descents then you’ll need a wider range of gears to cover both of these areas.

Bicycle Insurance5. If it fits, you sit!

Getting the right frame-size for your bike will make a big difference in terms of how easy your bike is to handle and how comfortable you are. Your leg should almost be straight when pedalling and you should be able to reach the handlebars without locking your elbows. The height of the seat and the type of handlebars will play a role here. There are a number of useful calculators online to help you find out what frame you need, such as this one on ebicycles.

Getting the right bike for you could help to ensure you can ride off into the sunset, free to enjoy your passion to the fullest. Something else that could help you enjoy many years of cycling is bicycle insurance. At The Insurance Emporium, you could choose such Elective Benefits as New For Old for Life on our Cycle Insurance policies. New customers could also get up to 25% Discount, including a 15% Introductory Discount*. If you think you want to get in the saddle of a bike insurance policy, stop by The Insurance Emporium today!

*15% Introductory Discount is only available for the first year of new policies.


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