As we head into spring and the sun starts shining, you could be feeling the urge to get outdoors and pick up a new hobby. If you’re angling for a little bit of exercise and some fresh air, fishing could be the ideal adventure for you! At The Insurance Emporium, we want to encourage you to try new things that add a little bit more magic to life! We’ve put together these tips to try and help you enjoy your first fishing trip!

Fishing InsuranceGet licenced!

It could be vital to remember that any angler over the age of 12 who is fishing for salmon, trout, freshwater fish or eels must have an Environment Agency rod licence. If you’re caught fishing without one, you could end up with a £2,500 fine!

Reely roddy good choices!

The best bet might be to head down to a tackle shop and have them set you up with the right equipment for your first trip. If you’re going to invest in a rod and reel, it could be well worthwhile getting the right gear for you and not spending unnecessary money! 

Hooking up

There are a few basic things that you might want to brush up on before you can start thinking about landing a whopper! Baiting your hook, tying knots and casting your line are all important parts of fishing that might just take some perfecting! Doing some research online beforehand could be good preparation.

Fishing InsuranceHave a little patience

Let’s be honest now, it could be very likely that you’ll have to remain patient once you’ve casted off. If you’re expecting to be reeling in a huge trout within minutes, you’re probably going to be disappointed! Just sit back and enjoy the peace and quiet!

Getting off the hook!

Okay, so you’ve got a bite, you’ve reeled it in and now you have to remove the hook. Remember that you’re dealing with living creatures, so they feel pain and need to be treated gently and humanely. Doing your research on removing hooks beforehand could save your catch from a lot of unnecessary discomfort! This article from save-fish.com could be useful!

Easy does it!

Once you’ve gently removed the hook, you’re probably going to be releasing the fish back into the water. Imagine if someone was putting you into a lake, you most likely wouldn’t want to be thrown, would you? Get down nice and close to the water and gently release the fish.

Fishing InsuranceEnjoy yourself!

Your first time fishing doesn’t have to be about catching a net full of fish. Fishing is a fantastic sport when looking for a little bit of exercise and some peaceful time outdoors. Just try to enjoy yourself and your first time fishing could be great fun!

Heading out on your first fishing trip might be the first of many magical adventures by the water. If you’ve been hooked by angling, then you might want to get some Fishing Equipment Insurance to help protect your gear. At The Insurance Emporium, our Fishing Insurance has a choice of three policies to start from and they’re all tweakable with a host of Elective Benefits such as Fishing Technology cover! All new policies also include a 25% Introductory Discount! Cast a line to The Insurance Emporium to find out more!

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