If you don’t play golf, or are just starting to learn, it can be a complicated and sometimes confusing game. There are many different rules and regulations that mean that the sport is much more than just pinging balls down the fairway! On top of the more standard rules that we all know, there are some other slightly more quirky regulations that you might want to learn before heading out on a golfing adventure. At The Insurance Emporium, we want to help you enjoy your round and, quite frankly, we find some of these rules very entertaining! Here’s our guide to some of the strangest golf rules!

Golf Insurance1. Dew not touch that ball!

Early morning golfers will know all about that morning dew covering your ball! However, you might not know that, under Rule 13-2, it’s a two-stroke offence to wipe it off!

2. Don’t lose your head!

If you’re unlucky enough to have your golf club head fly off during a swing, you’re most likely already having a bad day. If it’s on your backswing it’s not so bad but if it’s the downswing and you miss the ball, it could get much worse! It’ll count as a stroke thanks to Rule 14/2 and 14/3!

3. Getting a little windy

If your ball is moved by a natural gust of wind, you’re all good to play it from where it settles. However, don’t you dare use artificially propelled air as you’ll be in breach of Rule 18-1/2 and be asked to replace your ball without penalty! That means no blowing on the ball!

5. Heading off course

If something goes drastically wrong with your shot and the ball lands in the clubhouse, the cost of a replacement window is just one of your worries! According to Rule 24-2b/14 you must open a door or window and continue with your game as the clubhouse is not out-of-bounds!

Golf Insurance6. Feeling a bit prickly?

This is one that’s perhaps more likely to occur on a golfing holiday. According to Rule 1-2/10, if you play the ball close to a cactus you are permitted to wrap an arm or leg in a towel for protection but definitely not wrap the cactus in one – that would be considered ‘altering physical conditions’!

6. Getting fruity

If you arrive at your ball and find it obstructed by a half-eaten pear, don’t try and move it unless you want a penalty. According to Rule 23/3, whether it’s fallen from a tree or was left by another player, a pear is considered a natural object and you’ll have to play around it! This applies to all fruits!

7. Spitting mad!

According to Rule 4-2/4, it’s perfectly acceptable to clean your club face using saliva, however spitting on your club to affect the trajectory of the golf ball is illegal! I’m not sure how you’d go about proving this one!

Golf Insurance8. Keeping your spirits up

 If you’ve just arrived at the green and think that you’ve got a sneaky plan to work out how the green will play, just be careful! According to Rule 14-3/12.5 you cannot lay your water bottle on the green to use as a makeshift spirit level!

With all of these weird and wonderful rules, heading out on the golf course really can be a magical adventure! If you’re thinking of taking a stroll onto the fairway, you might also want to consider getting some Golf Insurance. At The Insurance Emporium, we have a choice of three policy types and host of Elective Benefits such as New for Old for Life to choose from. All new policies also come with a 20% Introductory Discount*! Take a swing by The Insurance Emporium today to find out more!

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