Photography can help you preserve memories for a lifetime. Capturing some magical sporting moments can lead to some amazing shots that go down in history! Think Neil Leifer’s shot of Muhammad Ali standing over Sonny Lister or Cameron Spencer capturing Usain Bolt grinning from ear-to-ear as he sprinted ahead of the competition at Rio 2016. Perfect timing and the right preparation could help you capture moments like this. At The Insurance Emporium, we’re all about helping you fulfil your potential with your camera. Here’s our guide to getting amazing sport photographs!

Camera InsuranceLearn the sport

If you start trying to shoot a sport that you don’t have the first clue about, you might find yourself getting very frustrated. Knowing the rules and the flow of the sport might help you understand what you’re looking for.

 Anticipation has a habit to set you up…

Timing could be key. You should be able to follow the sport and anticipate when and where the action will happen. If you don’t know where the action is likely to climax, the odds are you could completely miss it!

Shutter speed

There are various options here depending on the end result that you’re looking for. A fast shutter speed might help you capture clear images of fast paced action whereas slow shutter speed can produce blurred results, giving the feeling of motion.

Life through a lens

Picking the right lens could be a game-changer when photographing sport. In general, getting a fast and long lens might be the best option. Starting out with at least a 200mm lens will save you having to zoom in to get amongst the action.

Camera InsuranceFind the right position

Figuring out where to place yourself to get your shots could be one of the most important decisions that you make. If you’re snapping a team sport, you’ll probably want to be pitch or court side. If it’s a track event, it might help being near the start or finish to get the action. Doing your research could help you get this right!

Keep your focus

It might be tempting to snap a picture then immediately look at your display to see how it’s turned out. During that time you could have missed a golden opportunity! Save your quality checking for after the event!

Grab your gear!

Once you’ve found the perfect spot it’s unlikely that you’ll want to move. This means that you’re going to need all of your gear on you, such as lenses, batteries and more. Taking a well packed bag could be vital!

Camera InsuranceGet snap happy!

With a large memory card in your camera, you should be able to get a whole load of pictures. Don’t be shy and take as many as you can, that way you have more chance of capturing something special and you can sort through them all later.


Taking great photographs of sporting events might require some patience and a lot of preparation but could be well worth the wait! If you are heading on an adventure to snap some shots, you might also want to consider Camera Insurance. At The Insurance Emporium, our Camera Insurance policies include a 25% Introductory Discount* and Standard Benefits such as Theft cover. Capture the action at The Insurance Emporium to find out more!

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