We always like to put a positive spin on things, here at The Insurance Emporium. Even our hero, Mr Benn, has an optimistic nature that has seen him get through all sorts of unusual situations. That’s why we want to tell you about the bright side of having life insurance. You might not want to give much thought to the situations in which you might need life insurance but there are some positive aspects to it. Here are some of the benefits of having life insurance.

The kids are alright

If you’re considering life insurance, you’re likely to have settled down and maybe you’ve even started a family, so congratulations! Indeed, your children could be the main beneficiaries of your life insurance. If the worst happens to you and your children have to continue the adventure without you, the pay-out from your insurance could be used to help with the costs of raising them.

In da house

Another way that life insurance can be helpful to your partner and children is if it can help to cover mortgage repayments. You’re doing well if you are a homeowner, yet you will probably feel like having a house and keeping up with your mortgage is pretty costly. If you weren’t around to help your partner with the house repayments anymore, would they be able to pay it alone? If not, your life insurance pay out could help to cover your portion of the costs.

Securing your children’s future

Aside from providing for your children in their earlier years, your life insurance could help to secure their future if you aren’t around to do so. With university being as expensive as it is these days, the pay-out from your life insurance could help with the cost of this. It could also go towards other investments in your children’s lives, such as driving lessons or weddings.

Care for while you’re there

Sometimes, our health can unfortunately get in the way of us providing for our families. However, life insurance can help to deal with this concern if you’re critically unwell. Choosing life insurance with critical illness cover means you could receive a pay-out if you suffer a specific serious health affliction*. You could then use the payment to support yourself and your family at a time when such a condition could mean you’re unable to work.

Peace of mind

Having life insurance sorted out could help to ease any worries you might have about whether your family will be provided for if you were gone. Knowing that the pay-out from your life insurance could help with various costs, such as childcare or a mortgage, could provide a solution to these fears. Therefore, if you’re the kind of person that often worries about what would happen to your loved ones if you were no longer around, sorting out life insurance could give you some peace of mind. Having this added peace of mind could help you to enjoy all of life’s adventures more!

It may not be comfortable thinking about what life insurance is for but hopefully this list will help to convince you that there is a positive side to this cover. If you’re looking for life insurance, The Insurance Emporium^ offers 5 types to suit different requirements. Want to know more? Stop by The Insurance Emporium today!


*Critical Illness Cover is only for pre-defined health conditions.

^The Insurance Emporium life insurance is arranged by Insurance Broker ActiveQuote Ltd. Active Quote Ltd. Is an aggregator, not an insurer. They generate quotes from a panel of insurers.

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