Thanks to the shorter days, you might find that you need to walk your dog in the dark. This can be a fun adventure for you and your pet and it is important to give your pooch their daily exercise. However, the night comes with a few hazards that you need to be aware of. We’re informing people on how to stay safe while walking your dog in the dark as part of our Be Smart, Be Bright campaign and also offering 4 weeks free dog insurance on new policies with the promo code DAZZLE17*. Read on to find out how to keep night-time walks with your canine carefree.

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Dog InsuranceShine bright

Reflective clothing stands out under artificial light, such as car headlights, bike lights and street lights. So, it’s handy for both you and your dog to have some of this gear on. You could wear a reflective vest and put a reflective dog coat on your pupper. Other things you could equip your dog with are a reflective collar and a lead, or you could go the cheaper route and wrap reflective tape around the collar and lead you already have. For the safety of you, your dog and other road users, it’s best to make the effort to be seen, and reflective clothes and accessories are a good option for this.

The light side…

Sticking to well-lit routes when walking your dog at night has a number of safety benefits. You’ll be able to see any hazards ahead, such as sharp rocks or broken glass, which could help you and your pooch avoid injuries. Dogs can get spooked when they hear noises but can’t see where they’re coming from, so streetlights can help them spot cats and hedgehogs rummaging in hedges. Also, if you followed our previous point, your reflective gear will work better in well-lit areas!

Dog InsuranceCarry the torch

Often, dog fields and parks lack lighting, so it’s useful to have a torch with you to see around these areas. Head torches tend to be the most practical – even though they aren’t the most fashionable! They keep your hands free to hold onto your lead, get things you need out of your pockets or bag and also to pick up after your dog. You can also get torches to attach to your dog’s collar, such as a PupLight, to help them see where they are going. As well as helping you and your animal, torches could help you both be seen by others.

Lights on

Besides torches, there are a number of other products that can be useful for making sure your dog is visible during dark walks. Getting a light-up collar and lead could be worthwhile for helping drivers, cyclists and pedestrian spot your pupper – particularly if you don’t have a reflective one. These help drivers see your dog and know that they are on a lead, so they know the pooch can’t sprint into the road. It’s also useful for pedestrians and cyclists to be able to spot your dog and their lead, so that they don’t they don’t accidentally collide with them.

Dog InsuranceLead the way!

Speaking of leads, it’s safer to keep your dog on one at all times when walking them at night. While they may be very well behaved pets, it’s easy for them to get spooked by and go chasing after an animal they can hear rustling nearby. As irritating as it can be when your dog is pulling on the lead, it’s better than losing them because they went running off after strange noises. If you decide not to get a light-up or reflective lead, remember to use reflective tape or lights to make the one you use easy to spot for road users in order to avoid accidents.

The benefits of daily walks outweigh the risks of taking your dog out in the dark. Nevertheless, you may want the peace of mind that your dog is protected in case something goes wrong. The Insurance Emporium’s Time Limited, Maximum Benefit and Lifetime Lunar Monthly Dog Insurance includes cover for Advertising and Reward worth up to £850 on Gold policies, which could be handy if your dog goes missing at night. As part of our Be Smart, Be Bright campaign, you can also get 4 weeks free on new dog insurance policies with the promo code DAZZLE17. If you’re looking to insure your pup, get a quote from The Insurance Emporium today!

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*Offer ends 26/11/17.

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