Caravan Insurance

The word caravan originates from the medieval Persian word karwan which means “group of desert travellers”. It might be highly unlikely (not to mention rather warm!) that you ever find yourself in a desert with your caravan, but misfortune can still occur in less extreme conditions. Caravanning can deliver a sense of joy and freedom that few other holidays can match but you may find it massively helpful to have cover in place should you experience some adverse luck.

Have a look at our cool blue claims infographic and find out some of the pitfalls of life on the road!

What a Whopper!  

Caravanning can be a truly enjoyable experience but unfortunately it can also sometimes be expensive one. Our largest claim paid out was for an eye-watering £21,426.40!

It’s That Time of the Year! 

Summer is the time to get out and make the most of the weather, but you should also be wary of potential risks. August was the month in which we received the most claims.

What’s In a Claim?!  

Watch that fencepost! There are various reasons for claims but in 2015, by far and away, our most common one was for manoeuvring.

How Much Was That Doggy in the Window?!

One of the more unusual claims we’ve come across involves an over-excited pooch who cracked a window whilst chasing a wasp around a caravan!


 * Source: E&L/, all successful caravan insurance claims from 1st January 2015 – 31st December 2015. All statistics and research correct at time of publication.


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