Life in student halls can be a magical adventure. You’ll probably be living independently for the first time and will be meeting many new people from all sorts of different places. Yet, the magic can quickly fade if you fall out with your new flatmates. Quite often, these tiffs tend to be over some unspoken […]


Through much of human history, horses have been rather important animals to us and interaction with them is still a regular thing for lots of people. Considering how crucial horses have been to us, it makes perfect sense that many famous literary and cinematic works have had horses as central characters. And on top of […]


So much to do, so much fun to be had and so many tears to be shed. Your wedding day should be the happiest day of your life but sometimes, with so much going on, things can unfortunately go wrong. That’s why taking out Wedding Insurance could save you a whole load of heartache should […]


Horses are fascinating creatures. Not only are they elegant, but they’re used for a whole range of activities and have been for centuries. Perhaps they may not be as crucial to us humans as they once were before the days of car travel, but they’re certainly no less majestic! Many horses stay healthy and active […]

Downing Street’s Feline Catalogue

Cats can make pretty much everything at least a little better. They can suddenly transform the most nondescript card-clawed box into apparatus of great intrigue and wonder. Moggies are even used as public purr-ception tools by politicians! No.10 Downing Street and the Treasury have been home to a host of cats since the 16th century. […]

Top Pets! Staffie vs Jack Russell

Solid favourites amongst UK dog owners, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier and Jack Russell are they latest canines to feature in our Top Pets! series. Staffordshire Bull Terrier The Staffie has moved on from less illustrious beginnings to become a fun and friendly pedigree dog! Jack Russell Holy origins gave the Jack Russell its name and […]

Top Pets! Rottweiler vs Cocker Spaniel

They’re drastically different breeds of dog, so which is the right one for you? Find out in our latest Top Pets! cards… Rottweiler German in origin but universal in appeal, the Rottweiler has been a dependable dog for many years. Find out more about this unique animal below! Cocker Spaniel This energetic breed of gun […]

Top Pets! Siamese vs British Shorthair

Which pussycat will be your prime pick between the Siamese and the British Shorthair. Take a look at the stats and make your decision in the latest Top Pets! Siamese One of the most memorable breeds around, the Siamese has long been a favourite of cat fanciers across the globe! British Shorthair One of the […]

Top Pets! Labrador Retriever vs Boxer

Which one will have you asking “how much is that doggy in the window?” Labrador Retriever or Boxer? Keep reading and you might find out! Labrador Retriever Loveable Labs have been firm favourites for many years. Discover why with our easy-to-understand Top Pets! card… Boxer High energy and full of love, the Boxer has been […]

Top Pets! Maine Coon vs Devon Rex

The latest Top Pets! match up sees the fabulously fluffy Maine Coon take on the not quite so hirsute Devon Rex… Maine Coon The Maine Coon’s origins are shrouded in mystery but we do know plenty more about this fantastic pedigree cat! Devon Rex One of the newer breeds on the Top Pets! list, the […]