#Woofie – Raising Awareness for International Assistance Dog Week!

Having magical adventures is one of the greatest parts of life, however some people may not be able to enjoy them quite as easily as others. That’s why The Insurance Emporium have teamed up with UK charity Canine Partners, an organisation which train and provide assistance dogs, to help raise awareness for International Assistance Dog […]


Protect your pet from bee or wasp stings We’ve all done it, sat on the patio or lawn, happily watching as our cats and dogs cavort around the garden, bounding in and out of flowerbeds and bushes. The hazy days of summer can conjure up some magical memories but they can also create problems for […]


July 2017 is the first veterinary Dry Eye Awareness Month, launched by pharmaceutical company Bayer in order to draw attention to a troublesome and often-missed problem in pets. Dry eye (kerato-conjunctivitis sicca or KCS) is a painful condition that affects dogs and, less commonly, cats. The condition occurs when not enough tear film is produced, […]


In the long, dark winter months it can be easy to forget just how beautiful a British summer can be. Longer days, better weather, gardens in bloom and the air alive with the buzzing of bees and the smell of honeysuckle. Summer is the time to start getting excited about life and planning our next […]


What is the greatest adventure in your life? Show us and you could win 1 of 10 FREE Amazon vouchers worth £25! At The Insurance Emporium, we have been privileged to witness some of Mr Benn’s most exciting adventures. From blasting off with three astronauts into space to playing volcano golf with his friend Eddie, […]


On the 6th April 2016 it became a legal requirement for dog owners in the UK to make sure their animal is microchipped. As a nation of pet lovers, a great deal of those animals had already been chipped, either by a breeder or the owners themselves, but there were still a great deal lacking […]

Downing Street’s Feline Catalogue

Cats can make pretty much everything at least a little better. They can suddenly transform the most nondescript card-clawed box into apparatus of great intrigue and wonder. Moggies are even used as public purr-ception tools by politicians! No.10 Downing Street and the Treasury have been home to a host of cats since the 16th century. […]

Slime Wave: Dog Owners Beware Super-Sized Slugs

The summer is almost here, so hopefully your garden is going to get a little more use! No doubt your dogs will feel even more encouraged to frolic in the sun if you’re outside too, but even in the most modest of gardens there are pet dangers that you’ll want to be aware of, particularly […]

Top Pets! Siamese vs British Shorthair

Which pussycat will be your prime pick between the Siamese and the British Shorthair. Take a look at the stats and make your decision in the latest Top Pets! Siamese One of the most memorable breeds around, the Siamese has long been a favourite of cat fanciers across the globe! British Shorthair One of the […]

Top Pets! Maine Coon vs Devon Rex

The latest Top Pets! match up sees the fabulously fluffy Maine Coon take on the not quite so hirsute Devon Rex… Maine Coon The Maine Coon’s origins are shrouded in mystery but we do know plenty more about this fantastic pedigree cat! Devon Rex One of the newer breeds on the Top Pets! list, the […]