They say that our home is our castle, it’s the place that we build our lives around and the location where we keep our most prized possessions. There are a whole host of things that can lead to a claim on your home insurance. Check out our infographic below to find out some of the top reasons.

There’s a storm brewing!

Maybe high winds sent your roof tiles flying, or a flood has seeped into your living room? We are not adverse to extreme weather conditions in the UK from time to time, and these can have disastrous effects on our property. According to The Association of British Insurers (ABI) statistics, 16% of claims^ on property insurance were attributed to weather in 2017. This saw a fall from previous years, which witnessed several storms and floods, particularly in 2015 when this figure stood at 25%.

Stealing your thunder

The thought of an intruder rooting through your possessions whilst you lie fast asleep can be scary. In the survey year of 2017, there were 650,000 reports of domestic burglary+ in the UK, according to the Crime Survey for England and Wales. Locked windows and doors could help to keep you safe, as well as outdoor lights and other security devices to try and deter thieves!

It was an accident!

Accidental damage is defined as a one-off incident that causes damage. This could be from kicking over a glass of red wine to a have-a-go DIY hero hammering a nail through a pipe. Accidental damage doesn’t always come as standard on policies and, according to Money Supermarket, can increase premiums by 20%¯. It could be well worth thinking about!

Raise the alarm!

Whether you’ve left a candle burning or perhaps fallen asleep with a pizza in the oven, a fire in the house can spread quickly! Having a fire alarm could minimise damage to your home. Government statistics state that, in early 2017, 89% of English households had a working fire alarm**. It could make the difference in catching an incident in the nick of time!

Water we going to do?

In their most recent report The ABI reported that claims for escape of water cost £483 million in the first nine months of 2017*. Leaking washing machines, frozen or burst pipes can be a common cause of chaos in the home. These types of incidents can vary in severity but often require a claim to be made for anything from drying out the home to cosmetic repairs, causing people to paddle to their telephone and call their insurer!

Association of British Insurers (ABI) statistics

The average pay out for a home insurance claim in 2013 and 2014 was £2,520*.

One in five* home insurance claims are unsuccessful, mostly due to policyholders not fully knowing what they’re covered for.

In the UK there is a daily average of £7.4 million paid out^ for domestic insurance claims.

At The Insurance Emporium we think that life is one big adventure. Wherever your travels may take you, it’s often said that there’s no place like home. As we know, sometimes things can go wrong that we just don’t see coming, so it may be worth protecting your property. We can cover either your buildings, contents or both on our Home Insurance policy. Why not pop over to The Insurance Emporium today and see if we can help insure your home?


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+©Office for National Statistics July 2017

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