Address the Stress: Coping With Exam Pressure

Going to university can be one of the greatest adventures in your life. You discover who you are in a completely new environment and learn to live independently. Even if that means eating pizza every night! But it’s important not to lose sight of the point of university. You’re there to be educated and those dreaded exams determine your progress. It can feel like you are under a lot of pressure during exam periods, but there are ways of relieving that stress.

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“A goal without a plan is just a wish”

It was French writer Antoine de Saint-Exupery who said this and he was right! Being organised never hurt anyone. It’s a characteristic that will only serve you well – in every aspect of life! When it comes to exams, plan your revision well in advance and understand where you might have holes in your knowledge. Above all, do not try to cram everything into your head at the last minute!

Fibs galore

“I’m not going to bother with revision,” said Pinocchio as his nose began to grow. Try not to take notice of any ‘too cool for school’ brags, because the chances are your mates are bending the truth. If you focus on your own revision and you are confident that you are doing enough, that’s all you need to worry about.

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Gimme a break!

No need to ask, just have one! It is a bit of a misconception that a revision session has to be a marathon, six-hour stint with your head stuck in a textbook. It has been said that people can generally concentrate on something for between 45 minutes and an hour. Therefore you are more likely to absorb information properly if you give yourself a bit of a break every hour or so.

“Treat yo’self!”

Motivation is a key part of effective revision. If you’re not motivated, you will probably be less focused when revising. A way of challenging a lack of motivation is to create a reward system for yourself – but by that we do not mean flying out to Spain an hour before the exam! Treat yo’self to a film, an ice cream or even a Cheeky Nandos!

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You are what you eat

Stay calm, we’re not about to demand a complete dietary transformation! However, when you need your brain in tip-top condition, you’ll be better off eating healthily. Get plenty of fruit and veg in you, try to steer clear of drinks which are high in caffeine or sugar and remember that water is vital to your body.

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