You might see them out on the roads every weekend or on your commute to work, in big groups or slogging it along solo. Come rain or shine, there’s a good chance that there’ll be cyclists out on another adventure, covering tens or even hundreds of miles, all for the love of their favourite sport and the magic of travelling on two wheels. If you’ve ever dated a bicycle barmy partner then you’ll know that there are some important things to remember! At The Insurance Emporium, we want your relationship to go ‘wheelie’ well, so we’ve put together these tips on dating a cyclist!

Bicycle Insurance1. Get motivated!

If you’re dating a cyclist then you’ll be spending your life with the type of person that can motivate themselves to cycle hundreds of miles on one ride, tackle the most gruelling of hills and drag themselves out of bed at 5am on a weekend! This could be a fantastic way to encourage and motivate yourself, or it could drive you mad and make you feel guilty for not following suit! If you do decide to join your partner on a ride, get ready for a potentially challenging but very rewarding time!

2. Keep an eye on your razor!

Having a pair of freshly shaved legs is apparently imperative for a smooth ride! Whether your partner is male or female, you might find them stealing your razor from time to time in order to keep themselves aerodynamic – at least we think that’s why they do it! It does mean that you might have to get used to a prickly pair of pins in bed with you every now and then!

Bicycle Insurance3. Not so fine tan lines!

So much time spent in the great outdoors, basking in the sun whilst hurtling down the road would give anyone a great sun tan. Add to this your partner’s affection for lycra outfits and sunglasses and it could lead to some pretty awful tan lines! It’s all well and good when they’re out on the road but taking them on a beach holiday could be a great opportunity for you to have a laugh at their expense!

4. Fitness fanatics

Good news, you won’t be spending your time with an absolute couch potato! Your partner will probably think of their body as a highly tuned machine; exercise and a good diet is vital to keeping them going! If you choose to join your partner on their cycling adventures then you could find yourself in the shape of your life! The downside could be that those naughty treats, such as pizza and chocolate, may be banned from the house in favour of high energy and low fat foods!

Bicycle Insurance5. N+1 is the golden rule…

This ‘rule’ was created by cyclists, so should give you a good idea of what you’re letting yourself in for! N+1 stands for the number (N) of bikes that a cyclist owns and the number that they really want (+1), always one more! If you’re looking to save for that dream holiday or wedding with your partner, then you might want to set some ground rules around spending!

Dating a cyclist could be a magical thing and even be the start of your own cycling adventure. If you do decide to take up the sport then you might want to think about getting some Cycle Insurance to cover your equipment! At The Insurance Emporium, our Cycle Insurance policies offer a 15% Introductory Discount* and include Loss, Theft and Accidental Damage as a Standard Benefit! Pedal down to The Insurance Emporium today to find out more!

*15% Introductory Discount is only available for the first year of new policies.


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