Essential Gear for Music Festival Season

Music festivals are a classic staple of the British summer. Warmer temperatures lure us out into countryside fields for jam-packed weekends listening to the best bands and DJs. We are treated to full-on audio assaults from the bus-sized sound systems and the inevitable downpours ultimately leave us caked in mud. It might not be pretty, but it is glorious! A long weekend camping requires bringing lots of things. Tents, sleeping bags and sun cream (because we are optimists!) are among the obvious essential items. There are a few things that might slip your mind, though, and that’s why The Insurance Emporium is here to help you on your festival adventure!

Mobile apps

How 21st century! There really are some great apps available to help ensure your festival-going experience is as smooth as possible. The self-explanatory Find My Friends is available for free on Apple devices and allows you to locate your mates. The equally jargon-free Tent Finder will set Apple users back just 99p. A small price to pay for ensuring that the route back to your tent is nice and easy.

Pick it up!

The colossal stages can distract you from your rural surroundings. That whopping great burger van was certainly not there two days ago! But it is important that you treat the environment with respect and you clean up after yourself. After all, someone owns that land. Take bin bags, collect your rubbish and dispose of it properly. It’s always good to be seen to be green.


Got a smart phone? Of course you have. In that case, you already know that your phone’s battery will probably pack in constantly over the weekend. Everyone else will be in the same boat too, so you risk spending valuable raving time at the bustling charging stations. Get yourself a wind-up charger and you’ll be able to keep your phone alive even on the move.

Rock band-ages

Eccentric dancing is part and parcel of the music festival experience. You could just be jumping up and down, or you might be throwing some seriously funky shapes. Either way, sometimes accidents can occur and you do not want bumps, grazes and bruises impacting your weekend. A medi-kit packed with plasters, bandages and paracetamol could make all the difference to your comfort.

Squeaky clean… Sort of!

Your chosen festival may advertise showering facilities, but you will be one of thousands hoping to use them. More often than not you will just have to go without. But wet wipes will help get the mud off your face and hand sanitiser will give you peace of mind if the suspect loos do not have wash sinks.

Well, well, wellies

Never trust the British summer! It is easy to put diabolical downpours to the back of your mind when packing, but really you know better. It’s inevitable that the festival destination in the middle of that field is going to turn into an inescapable mud bath. So, with that in mind, take sturdy footwear that you are happy to see face the elements. After all, you aren’t really there to simply make a fashion statement!

Not only are music festivals immense fun, they can also be inspiring. Perhaps seeing your favourite guitarist compels you to pick up a plectrum. If it does, our Music insurance could cover your instruments and equipment from just £1.92 per month*. And if your festival is abroad, travel insurance may cover you if something does not go to plan on your adventure to the Best Festival Ever!


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