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People often feel that fireworks put a magical touch on celebrations and that they’re a must-have on Bonfire Night. Unfortunately, however, pets just tend to find them scary. According to the RSPCA, an estimated 45% of dogs in the UK are frightened by fireworks. Yet, there are things you can do to stop displays from being an ordeal for your pets. Check out our infographic on how to keep your cats and dogs calm and safe during these celebrations.

Distract Them

Give your pet something to do to take their mind of the fireworks that are going off. Give them toys to occupy them with or play games with them, if they want to. If they do not feel like playing, however, do not force them to.

Stay With Them

If you know that there will be a fireworks display nearby, it could be worth planning to stay in with your pet while it’s going on. Having you around could help calm your pet down. Seeing that you are calm and happy can also help reassure them that it’s safe.

Drown Out Noise

Try to disguise the fact that fireworks are going off by muffling the sound. Close your windows and curtains, which will also hide the sight of them. Put on some ambient music too, to help relax your pet. If your television is on, try turning it up to help cover the noise.

Update Microchips

It’s compulsory for your dog to be microchipped but it’s well worth getting your cat microchipped too. Make sure the contact details associated with your pets’ microchips are up to date if you have moved recently as well. This should ensure that you and your pet can be reunited more easily if they escape and run away due to fear of fireworks.

Keep Them Indoors

Make sure your dogs have been walked and your cats are indoors before fireworks are due to start. Once they are in the house, be sure to lock all doors. This will keep them from running off and getting lost while displays are occurring. Create comfortable places for your pets to hide in the house as well, as this will help them feel safe.

Following these steps should hopefully help you keep your pets as calm and safe as possible while fireworks go off outside on Bonfire Night. Unfortunately, however, pets do sometimes escape and run off when they hear the noise of a display. Having insurance to help cover the cost of finding them can be useful. The Insurance Emporium’s Pet Insurance policies include cover for Advertising & Reward worth up to £850 on Gold level policies, as well as many other Standard Benefits. If you’re searching for pet insurance, stop by The Insurance Emporium today!



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