The Fitbit is a reasonably new technology trend, with many people now sporting snazzy wristwatches or smart phone apps to track their daily movements. These devices aren’t just restricted to humans however, there is also a market for dog activity trackers to help you make sure your pet is getting the exercise that they need. Here at The Insurance Emporium, our Fitter Furry Friends campaign is designed to encourage people to try and improve their pet’s fitness and health in 2018. That’s why we’re offering 4 weeks free on our Lunar Monthly pet insurance policies by using the promo code FITPET18*. As part of this, we’ve taken a look at a range of dog activity trackers on the market in order to help you keep a track of those magical exercise adventures!

Dog InsuranceThe FitBark 2

The FitBark activity tracker comes in the shape of a small bone and attaches handily to your dog’s collar. It’s waterproof and only weighs around 8 grams, so shouldn’t be too awkward for your pooch to wear! The unit has a Lithium-ion battery which charges through a micro USB and is quoted to last up to 14 days, meaning you might not be forever plugging it in! It connects to a smartphone app in order to relay your dog’s activity, allowing you to compare it with other dogs of the same breed or even your own Fitbit! One downside of this unit compared to others could be the lack of Wi-Fi. Despite being fitted with on-board Bluetooth to transfer data back-and-forth, you’ll need to purchase the extra FitBark Wi-Fi Base Station if you want your data sent automatically to your online account. If you’re looking for an array of features then you might be barking up the right tree with this one!


Unlike the previously mentioned FitBark, this device comes with a collar to pop straight onto your pooch. Using both GPS and a cellular network, the Nuzzle collar can locate your dog at the click of a button and in real-time. One feature that might make this a winner is in the fact that, unlike some activity trackers that use mobile phone networks, there’s no monthly fee to pay. The device is lightweight, waterproof and can also be clipped onto an existing collar, meaning you’re not limited to the collar provided if you have a fashion conscious dog! You might find the fact that it comes with two batteries a real bonus. This means that when the power runs out you can unclip one battery and put it on charge, replacing it with a fresh and fully juiced unit! Like most of these dog activity trackers, the device also has its own bespoke app to let you keep an eye on your doggy’s day!

Dog InsuranceLink AKC

When it comes to style, it’s like it or leave it with this device! It comes attached to a collar and can’t be removed. The Link AKC works with GPS and cellular service, tracking your pet in much the same way as the Nuzzle. However, unlike the Nuzzle, Link AKC does require a monthly subscription. The device allows you to find your dog’s location when they’re out of sight or have left a designated ‘safe zone’. It also gives you access to records that keep an eye on your pet and its activity over a period of time. What could help set this device apart is the fact that it has a built-in LED light to help you locate your pooch in the dark. This could be particularly helpful for those black Labrador owners when they disappear into the night! There is also a ‘scrapbook’ feature that allows you to link together activity records and pictures from your doggy adventures!

Dog InsurancePitPatPet

The name might be a tongue twister but this UK-based firm offer a relatively straightforward product that can fit onto your dog’s existing collar. The PitPat tracker is fully waterproofed for your dog’s escapades and can be linked up to both iOS and Android smartphones. One feature that you might find convenient is that the battery life lasts up to one year, so you shouldn’t find yourself needing to constantly plug it in! On the website you can set up your pet’s own ‘doggy profile’ where you’ll receive a customised goal and updates on progress towards this. The PitPat will also allow you to share stats with other people such as friends and family, meaning you can compare your pooches! This could be particularly helpful with your vet, if you should ever need a professional opinion on your dog’s exercise regime!

Using an activity tracker as part of the quest for Fitter Furry Friends might be one of the best way to keep an eye on your dog’s activity! You may also want to make sure that your dog is insured as you embark on your fitness adventures. At The Insurance Emporium we offer a variety of different Dog Insurance policies which come with a range of Standard Benefits and the option to tweak your policy with some great Optional Benefits! There is also a 20% Introductory Discount for all new policyholders! Head to The Insurance Emporium today, and don’t forget to use the promo code FITPET18 for 4 weeks free*!

*Offer ends 31/03/2018. Only applies to Lunar Monthly policies.

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