Few pastimes are quite as enchanting as horse riding. Whether you’re just going for a hack in the summer sun, competing in a dressage event or even racing, the possibilities are almost endless! On top of that, the whole time you’re engaged in an activity, you’ll be continuing to build a bond between you and […]

When is the Best Time of Year to Get Married?

Your wedding day should be the single greatest day of your life. You and your significant other finally exchange those rings and vow to tackle life’s challenges together, with family and friends in attendance to celebrate your love. But there’s so much to plan and consider before you get that far! Weddings are the culmination […]

Five Music Festivals to Check Out this Summer

Music festivals and the British summer go hand in hand. Every year we flock to fields in the middle of nowhere, hopeful that the weather holds up and we don’t end up trying to rave in a mud bath. Oh to be an optimist! Either way, the United Kingdom plays host to a veritable smorgasbord […]

Saddle Up For the Dressage Season

Summer is well on the way! That means the dressage season is in full swing, giving people and horses the perfect opportunity to start getting involved. Dressage is regarded as the most aesthetically pleasing of all the horse riding disciplines and is steeped in history. Its origins go back as far as the writings of […]


Episode 1 – Red Knight Since The Insurance Emporium first opened its doors in 2017, there’s been a lot going on. Not only is it a unique way to protect the things in life you love but it’s the new home of childhood favourite Mr Benn. The Insurance Emporium has allowed Mr Benn, and his […]

Address the Stress: Coping With Exam Pressure

Going to university can be one of the greatest adventures in your life. You discover who you are in a completely new environment and learn to live independently. Even if that means eating pizza every night! But it’s important not to lose sight of the point of university. You’re there to be educated and those […]

Top Pets! Staffie vs Jack Russell

Solid favourites amongst UK dog owners, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier and Jack Russell are they latest canines to feature in our Top Pets! series. Staffordshire Bull Terrier The Staffie has moved on from less illustrious beginnings to become a fun and friendly pedigree dog! Jack Russell Holy origins gave the Jack Russell its name and […]

Caravan awnings: Stay traditional or take to the air?

Erecting a caravan awning can be a real ordeal. There’s a reason that it’s often known as “divorce in a bag”! A two-person job, it requires composure, persistence and a whole lot of patience. Intricately threading the piping can be especially expletive-inducing, but fear not! Help is at hand. Inflatable air awnings can take some […]


Mr Benn has been on some incredible adventures over the years; joining a circus, playing hide-and-seek with cowboys and inspiring a pirate mutiny! These were enjoyable enough but now, when he steps inside the Emporium, he gets to share these experiences with his good mate Eddie. But who is Eddie? Find out more on this […]

Slime Wave: Dog Owners Beware Super-Sized Slugs

The summer is almost here, so hopefully your garden is going to get a little more use! No doubt your dogs will feel even more encouraged to frolic in the sun if you’re outside too, but even in the most modest of gardens there are pet dangers that you’ll want to be aware of, particularly […]