Dos and Don’ts

There are a number of different elements that can really make a wedding.

Wedding InsuranceVenue, dress, food and flowers; they’re all equally important in their own right. And no wedding adventure would seem right without those all-important speeches. Whether it be the groom, bride, best man, mother of the bride or just some random uncle nobody has seen in fifteen years, the speeches are a time to tug on the heartstrings and fondly recall some humorous tales of misadventure! However, for many people, writing and performing a wedding speech is one the trickiest and most nerve-racking things they can do. At The Insurance Emporium, we want to make the magical day as easy as possible for you, that’s why we’ve put together our essential list of wedding speech dos and don’ts!

Wedding InsuranceDO…

  • …keep it short – This isn’t the Academy Awards. Longer isn’t necessarily better. It also isn’t all about you – there are other speeches to hear, cake to be cut and a disco to get started. Also, bear in mind that people may need to use the toilet. Try to keep it between two and five minutes in length, you’ll be surprised how long that seems once you read it aloud.
  • …keep it simple – They might be hilarious to you but running through every single rambling anecdote from the day you both met is just going be greeted by yawns. Pick the funniest or most heart-warming and don’t go into great detail. Your audience will like a synopsis but a line-by-line retelling might not go down as well.
  • …plan ahead – Don’t leave it to the last minute. It’ll weigh on your nerves and the chances are it won’t be exactly as you want it. Make a list of subjects you want to mention and don’t be afraid to do a few drafts. Reading it aloud to a third party can also help you to practice as well as identifying potentially unsuitable material.
  • …thank everyone – Once again, this isn’t a solo performance. Perfect weddings are made by everyone who helps out, so remember this and thank them all. It can be sensible to add this in as part of your speech – imagine missing someone out!

Wedding InsuranceDON’T…

  • …lose the feeling – In the excitement and trepidation of writing a wedding speech it can be easy to focus all on the comedy. Of course, we all remember the funniest wedding speeches we’ve heard, but we can’t all be Eddie Murphy. Don’t get caught up reeling out gag after gag, your audience will appreciate the soppy bits too!
  • …booze but stay loose – You’ll be nervous, that’s only natural. But don’t make the mistake of thinking that a few pints of Dutch courage will calm the nerves. Nobody wants to see a dishevelled speechmaker slurring their way through their address. By all means, have a glass of wine but save the rest for when you finish.
  • …cross the line – It can be hilarious to poke fun at someone and people often love a risqué joke but be very careful not to cross a line. What might be funny one-to-one might not be so amusing when shared with a room full of people. Pick your targets carefully. Remember, you’re stuck with your in-laws for life!
  • …worry! – Giving a speech can be extremely stressful but try not to get too wound up about it. Whilst it’s an important part of the wedding, it’s also only a very small element of the day. It doesn’t have to leave people rolling in the aisles or mopping up tears. Just be nice and heartfelt and it will be appreciated by all.

Writing your speech is a vital part of planning a wedding, alongside all of the other numerous things! With so much to factor in, it can be expensive and upsetting if things should go wrong. At The Insurance Emporium, we offer UK and Overseas Wedding Insurance, in a range of seven Tweakable policy types. With great standard benefits such as Cancellation up to £50,000 and excellent Optional Benefits like Public Liability for Guests, stop by the Emporium today and find out how you can protect your magical wedding adventure!

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