You might not be aware but there is a serious political war being waged on the streets of London. What’s more, it’s an internal war within our government that could shake the foundations of British politics! Two of Downing Street’s resident cats, Larry and Palmerston, have been engaged in a kitty conflict and are hoping to rule the famous street! At The Insurance Emporium, we love helping you keep abreast of the latest (feline) political news! Here are some facts about Larry vs. Palmerston!

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Who are they?

Larry is a brown and white tabby cat who resides at one of the most famous homes in Britain, 10 Downing Street. Palmerston is a resident at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, he’s a black and white bicolour cat who has lived there since 2016. Both are employed as ‘Chief Mouser’ in their homes.

Where are they from?

Despite their obvious differences, both cats came from Battersea Dogs & Cats Home and were rescued as strays. Larry was brought into the home of British politics as a pet for the Cameron children, well before Palmerston arrived on the scene. With such a similar background you’d think they’d just get along!

Who’s in Larry’s corner?

Larry’s corner is a who’s-who of political heavyweights! Current PM Theresa May lives with him at the moment and former PM David Cameron has said that he and Larry got on “purr-fectly well” but the real ace here could be ex-President of the USA Barack Obama! David Cameron once remarked that, despite his nervousness around men, “he was alright with Obama”.

And in Palmerston’s corner…

With the exception of his boss, Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, Palmerston likes to keep his kitty-crew from within the feline world. In 2017, Palmerston appointed his own overseas envoys. Lawrence of Abdoun, a black and white tomcat, took up a role in the British Embassy in Jordan. An orphaned kitten from Turkey, named Leyla Pixie, took on a role in the British Consulate in Istanbul. With all of his far-flung friends, Palmerston really is Mr Worldwide!

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What’s their form looking like?

According to an official Freedom of Information request (no, really!), up until late 2017 Palmerston had caught at least 27 mice in his role at Chief Mouser. Larry, on the other hand, has been more frequently seen strutting his stuff on Downing Street, catnapping and posing for pictures! It seems that one of these feline-fighters is all business and the other is enjoying his celebrity lifestyle!

Previous bouts

The sightings of these two political-pussycats tangling go right back to Palmerston’s arrival in 2016. The most recent report of the two heavyweights coming together was on February 16th 2018 when they were pictured trading blows outside Number 10. Larry lost his United Kingdom collar in the fight and the pictures went viral! This wasn’t the first time Palmerston had de-collared Larry, on 1st August 2016 he committed the same act, receiving damage to an ear in the process. Palmerston also attempted a cheeky invasion of Number 10 in 2016 and had to be evicted by the police!

The newcomer

Just when Larry and Palmerston thought that Downing Street was their yard to fight over, a new kitty arrived in town! Gladstone, the Chief Mouser of HM Treasury, is well on his way to becoming a social media superstar and worldwide celebrity in his own right. His official Instagram account, @treasury_cat, currently has 14.5k followers and he’s received gifts from all over the world! That’s one popular kitty!

Despite all of this scowling and scuffling, we hope that Larry and Palmerston can make friends soon, as we love to see pets getting along! We think that deep down they love each other really! In the meantime, hopefully our Prime Minister and Foreign Office have some insurance for cats in place, it could come in handy if something goes awry! At The Insurance Emporium, all of our Cat Insurance policies come with a 20% Introductory Discount* and cover Vet’s Fees up to £8,000**. Head to The Insurance Emporium today to find out more!

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