Buying a new house could be one of the most incredibly exciting times in your life. Moving into a new home, making it your own and building your memories around it can be a magical adventure. However, despite being made of bricks and mortar, our houses aren’t always immune to problems! There are all kinds of things that can go wrong in the home, causing inconvenience and often costing money. At The Insurance Emporium we care about your home and want to help protect it from problems if we can! To help you spot the signs of domestic drama, we’ve put together this guide on some of the worst problems that your house can suffer.

Plumb tired of this!

Turning your home into an oversized water-feature, faulty plumbing could be a common cause of a dreaded domestic flood! There might be fewer things more stressful than sitting on the sofa watching the telly as your living room ceiling develops its own built-in power shower! A likely cause of such domestic flooding could be old pipes leaking. Whereas modern day pipes are often made from polyurethane or PVC, older houses might still have cast iron or steel pipes which can be liable to rusting and breakages. If you already own, or are looking to buy an older house then it may be worth getting the pipes checked. The underneath of the bath might be a hotspot for such issues, meaning that it could be a good idea to keep an eye out for any water stains or damp spots. If you’re looking to avoid a possible leak, asking a plumber to have a look at potential problems could be a good idea.

Damp disasters and mouldy misery

Sticking with the theme of water, dampness and mould could create a potential horror-show in your home. This can be caused by a whole manner of issues but usually comes down to an excess of water in your house. Aspects such as plumbing issues, leaking gutters, a hole in the roof and cracks in cement rendering could be the culprit when it comes to domestic dampness. It could be important to remember that many home insurance policies do not cover for damp and mould as they can be seen as signs of ‘wear and tear’. This means that it might be even more important to keep an eye out for any potential problems and take action as soon as possible. Basic maintenance of the home could help to avoid issues arising and it might also be important to ensure proper ventilation. If you tend to dry your washing on the radiators at home, you could be adding to a swift increase in moisture. If you do decide to dry your clothes indoors then opening some windows could be a huge help in avoiding damp.

Not such a bright spark!

Issues with faulty wiring in the home can be a major cause of house fires and, as such, could be worth keeping in mind. Older houses could be more at risk due to out-dated or faulty electrical wiring. However, there are some warning signs that could alert you to a potential electrical catastrophe. If you notice any of your electrical outlets buzzing, plugs becoming hot to the touch or a burning smell around the house, then it could be a signal that something is not right. Similarly, if your circuit breaker is regularly tripping with no explanation there might be a potential issue on the horizon. With electrics, you should definitely but the risk of 120 volts coursing through your system is more than a little hair-raising!

Not making the grade…

By now it seems clear that woes with water are a common cause of headaches in the home. Any sort of water ingress into a building could be a real nightmare to get rid of and might have some nasty side-effects. Other than old plumbing and substandard ventilation, there can be one much larger factor that causes these issues; poor grading and drainage. Grading is something that should be taken into account by the builders when making the house. Essentially, the ground should drop by two to three inches for every ten feet away from the building. This means that water will drain away from the house and not towards it. If this is not done correctly you could find your home flooding and damp issues arising. This is a potentially big issue to resolve and would most likely need to be done professionally. If you are buying a new house, it could be well-worth thinking about checking the grading!

These potential domestic disasters could cause you a headache at home but being vigilant and spotting the warning signs might save you a lot of problems. It could be important to remember that not all of these issues will be covered by a Home Insurance policy, so keeping an eye out for them and taking action before it’s too late could help to prevent disaster! Getting insurance for your home could also be an important factor in protecting your abode from a whole manner of other threats. The Insurance Emporium offer three types of Home Insurance*, including separate and combined Buildings and Contents. Head to The Insurance Emporium today to find out more!

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