In our brand new TV advert, we sent Mr Benn off on a magical safari adventure. Whilst in the jungle Mr Benn and his pal Eddie ran into Gus the Gorilla, who was a little surprised to see them to say the least! However, going on safari isn’t that out-of-the-ordinary and an encounter with an ape in the jungle is just one of many experiences available! There can be some amazing sights to see on safaris all around the globe, here’s a look at a few potential destinations and the animals in store!


We couldn’t start without mentioning one of Mr Benn’s favourite animals, one that he befriended on his latest adventure: the gorilla. The mountain gorilla is perhaps most famous as the subject of the bestselling book (and later film) Gorillas in the Mist. Often found in the rainforests of the Great Lakes region of Africa, this animal has always been shrouded in mystery. You’ll have to travel to either Rwanda or Uganda and head up into the mountains to catch a glimpse. Natural World Safaris specialise in planning trips to see gorillas and all kinds of other animals, so could make planning your escapade easier. You never know, you might catch a glimpse of Gus and his buddies! Check out our blog on Gorilla Trekking in Uganda to read what our competition winners got up to when we sent them out there.

Rhi-no way you’ll want to miss it!

When you think of heading on a safari, perhaps one of the first places that springs to mind is Africa. The continent is literally teeming with different species of animals but it’s often the ‘big five’ that people are interested in. When planning a trip to Africa then it could be the lion, leopard, rhino, Cape buffalo and elephant at the top of many people’s lists! There are various parts of the continent where the big five can be found, such as Kenya, South Africa and Tanzania. However, they’re not always in the same park so make sure that you do your research to avoid disappointment.


If you’re keener on the idea of heading to the Far East then it might be worth a trip to see some Asian Elephants. These beautiful creatures are often mistreated so, it might be worth checking up on the company that you’re using beforehand. There are many groups trying to help conserve elephants in Asia due to unethical treatment and places like The Elephant Nature Park in Thailand pride themselves in offering a cruelty-free environment. At the park they specialise in saving elephants who have suffered at the hands of the tourism trade. Whilst you’re there they’ll let you interact with the elephants and take pictures but there’ll be no riding them! Despite being a popular draw for tourists, the animals have often been ‘broken’ in order to train them to be ridden. Unfortunately, most tourists don’t see how unpleasant and cruel a process this can be. Luckily, The Elephant Nature Park is just one of many facilities that provides a safe and caring place for these majestic creatures.

Amazon prime

We’re not talking about one of the largest online retailers in the world! As you’ll know well, the Amazon is also the name of the world’s biggest rainforest! It’s brimming with flora, fauna and next day delivery… oh wait, not the last one! If you fancy venturing into the rainforest then the chances are that you could be in for an encounter with a jaguar. These forest dwelling animals are the biggest cats to be found in the Americas and spend much of their lives solitary. If you fancy trying to catch a glimpse then Pantanal Jaguar Safaris, along with their team of experienced guides could give you the opportunity. Jaguars are known to bite straight through the skulls of their prey! Getting too close could be a real headache!

Bear with me

The wild forests of Transylvania in Romania are an option if you wanted to opt for a European safari. No, this isn’t a hunt for Dracula! Instead, it’s the Romanian home of the brown bear! These extensive and mysterious forests seem like the perfect place for our adventurer Mr Benn to find himself on another escapade! If you don’t quite like the idea of trudging through the woods in search of bears then the Libearty Bear Sanctuary houses over seventy of the species and provides a safe place to watch these animals in action. If you do happen to see one out in the wild make sure you’re careful. Their claws can grow up to 10cm in length – if you go down to the woods today, you probably won’t want to disturb their picnic!

Staycation safari

Booking a trip to the far reaches of the planet isn’t a possibility for every budget. Luckily, there are plenty of safari parks in the UK that you can head to if you want to see these amazing animals up close and personal without the jet lag! You could try Knowsley or Longleat safari parks for a stay-at-home adventure. It might not be quite the same experience but if you fancy an encounter with an elephant or liaising with a lion then it’s always an option!

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