The Most Scenic UK Roads to Drive this Summer

Driving doesn’t have to be a laborious slog! Spending several hours a week crawling to work through an undistinguished metropolis can turn driving into a chore. However, with the summer almost upon us, you have the perfect opportunity to break free! The United Kingdom is home to some truly spectacular landscapes and many you can reach by car. Not only will you be immersed in grand scenery, the roads treat you to a varied and exciting ride. Even if the consistently inconsistent British weather lets you down, our glorious countryside certainly won’t!

The Dark Hedges, County Antrim, Northern Ireland

County Antrim is home to many of nature’s marvellous creations. Chief among them is arguably The Dark Hedges, a tunnel-esque formation of beech trees which suffocate the road below. Somewhat mystical in appearance, it will probably not come as a huge surprise to learn that it even appeared in Game of Thrones.

Buttertubs Pass, Yorkshire Dales

Scenery wise, most roads in the Dales are rather splendid. But Buttertubs Pass is the crème de la crème! Even Jeremy Clarkson is a known admirer. Peaks and dips aplenty, the five-and-a-half mile stretch is packed with awesome views and spine-tingling roadside plummets. And the Buttertubs themselves, natural 20m-deep pot holes, are certainly worth a viewing as well.

Cheddar to Ashwick, via Cheddar Gorge

You might associate the village of Cheddar with cheese rather than geological sites. Cheddar Gorge was there long before, though, and is a genuine natural wonder. Home to numerous cave networks and intimidating rock formations, Cheddar Gorge is an awesome area to behold, and its winding roads snaking around sheer-faced cliffs are an eye-catching feature. Just make sure you dodge the tourists!

Black Mountain Pass, Wales

Its name would have you believe that Black Mountain Pass was the ominous road to an evil mastermind’s lofty lair. Alas, no such villain exists – at least none that we’re aware of! Instead, Black Mountain Pass bends and twists its way through the Brecon Beacons National Park. The vast views will astound, while the drive will have you gripped. But watch out for those sheep!

Glencoe, Scotland

Barren, gloomy and sparse. The A85 connects Oban and Crianlarich, cutting through Glencoe. The landscape’s various shades of brown complement the typically grey Scottish sky to give it a somewhat moody aura. But that colour combination and the frequent changes from forest to loch to hillside make it an unforgettable drive. Fans of the James Bond franchise might also recognise a few Skyfall locations along the way!

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