Actors and actresses get the big billing. Many film and TV lovers watch things purely for who is making an appearance in it. They are the ones who are supposed to pull the crowds to the cinemas – or to the little screen! But down the years there have been vehicles which have arguably caught our imagination even more. Cars become personality extensions of the characters who drive them and sometimes even steal the show!

Have a look at our snazzy infographic for some of the best examples of those iconic motors which have grasped our imaginations.

1964 “Ejector Seat? You’re joking!”

James Bond’s original gadget-strapped Aston Martin DB5 cost one insurance company a whopping £3.3m when the Goldfinger motor was stolen in 1997.

1969 “They say he’s going to do a job in Italy”

Three Mini Coopers starred in their roles as getaway cars in The Italian Job. They may be cute, but looks can be deceiving!

1975-1979 “No coffee in the car, whatsoever!”

As undercover cops you might have thought Starsky & Hutch would use an inconspicuous car. Their “striped-tomato” Ford Gran Torino was anything but! Actor Paul Michael Glaser (Starsky) did not share fans’ appreciation of his character’s whip, though. He even joked about plans to “destroy” it!

1981 “Where we’re going, we don’t need roads”

Great Scott! A time machine with gull-wing doors?! There are few more recognisable cars than Back to the Future’s DeLorean. That is not a coincidence either. The DeLorean was specifically chosen for its rather extra-terrestrial appearance.

1981-91 “Lovely jubbly!”

Two seats. Three wheels. Endless laughs. Few TV vehicles have been as charmingly daft as Del Boy and Rodney’s three-wheeled Reliant Regal van from Only Fools and Horses. So loved is the yellow ‘tricycle’, it even featured in the closing ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games.

2006 “Can I give you a lift home?”

A new Guinness World Record was set when the stunning Aston Martin DBS completed seven full cannon rolls in Casino Royale. James Bond took ‘going for a spin’ to a whole new level!

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