Heading to university is full of all kinds of exciting adventures and challenges. Learning to fend for yourself could mean finding your way around the kitchen for the first time! With a tight budget and limited experience, some students might find the prospect of a Pot Noodle the easiest way out. Don’t worry though, sprinkling a little bit of magic into your student meals doesn’t have to mean hours slaving over the stove or a pricey shopping list. At The Insurance Emporium we think that you should never settle for less than the best. Take a look at these cheap and quick student meals to get your taste buds tingling!

Student InsurancePasta the point of trying?

Cooking pasta could well be one of the easiest and cheapest options available when you’re living off a student loan! Whether it’s a meal for one or you’re treating your flatmates, pasta can go a long way. We don’t want you having to force down a bland pasta dish just to fill a hole when flavour might be just a few steps away! Check out this classic Spaghetti Carbonara dish. With just spaghetti, eggs, cheese and bacon, you could be taking your taste buds on an Italian adventure without needing an extensive knowledge of Mediterranean cuisine! There is a whole world of dishes that can be made with minimum effort and maximum flavour using the humble tinned tomato. These could cost you next to nothing but play the central role in a party on your taste buds! A Bolognese sauce is a hearty and much loved accompaniment to any pasta, plus it can be made with or without meat depending on your tastes and budget. Following this recipe from BBC Good Food is simple, even for the most inexperienced of student chefs! Bellissimo!

A crocking idea!

The slow cooker, or crockpot, can be a wonderful invention for those without much time on their hands. Whether you’re out all day in lectures, or simply can’t be bothered washing up the pots and pans, slow cooking could be your saviour! Switching it on ‘low and slow’ for a few hours at a time can create one-pot meals that require little or no TLC. Pulled pork is a dish that has become a favourite in recent years over here in the UK. Traditionally made in a smoker, it’s possible to make your BBQ dreams come true in your own kitchen! A boneless pork shoulder won’t break the piggy bank and can help you re-create those Deep South flavours at home! This recipe for Dr Pepper pulled pork takes ten minutes to prepare but could make you a very popular housemate! For a winter warmer, you could try this herby bean and sausage stew which only requires fresh sausages – the other ingredients can usually be found knocking around your kitchen cupboards! Cheap, quick and minimal effort… sounds like an ideal meal!

Student InsuranceBeans, beans, the magical fruit…

Beans on toast is the cliché student meal. Every Christmas, at family gatherings around the country you’ll find annoying uncles asking “how’s uni then? I bet you’re living off beans on toast!” Don’t let that fact shame you any longer! It’s easy to take this simple dinner to the next-level without breaking the bank. Chips, burgers, you name it, cheese can make it better! It doesn’t have to stop at good old cheddar though, a sprinkling of feta or mozzarella on your beans can give them a creamy texture worth shouting about. Spicing up your beans with some chilli powder or tabasco sauce can give your meal a kick and make it all the more appetising – maybe throw in some chorizo if you’re feeling flush! Not to forget that favoured sidekick of the baked bean – eggs! Frying up an egg and serving it on top of your beans has been a classic in greasy spoon cafes for years, with good reason! Let the yolk and the beans collide in a glorious matrimony and leave that boring beans on toast behind!

Student InsuranceYou Mexi-can cook!

Brands such as Old El Paso have helped to establish Mexican food as a British favourite. The fact that much of it can just as easily be cooked in small portions or large batches means that it could be perfect for a quick meal, or to let your friends tuck in. Buying the boxed kits can be a decent option but it’s also possible to cook Mexican from scratch with very little cost. This chicken fajita recipe can be adapted for as many or as few diners as you want and could be on the table in 20 minutes! Potentially saving you from ‘hangry’ housemates! If you’re settling down for a Netflix movie night or to watch the football, then nachos could be a great option to share. This recipe for a speedy nacho sharing platter only has two steps so it’ll be a hard one to get wrong! If your housemates aren’t a fan of these dishes then don’t worry, it’s nach-o fault!

Heading on your uni adventure could be the perfect time to learn those essential life skills such as cooking. Insurance for students could be another essential to prepare for life away from home. At The Insurance Emporium we offer a 20% Introductory Discount and our Student Insurance comes with standard Contents cover up to £5,000. Head to The Insurance Emporium today to study up!


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