Slime Wave: Dog Owners Beware Super-Sized Slugs

The summer is almost here, so hopefully your garden is going to get a little more use! No doubt your dogs will feel even more encouraged to frolic in the sun if you’re outside too, but even in the most modest of gardens there are pet dangers that you’ll want to be aware of, particularly if it’s your pooch’s first summer outside. Slugs have always been a real threat and pest because of the parasites they carry, but now they’re more of a danger than ever before.

Warm winters

Dog InsuranceSlugs normally hibernate throughout the winter. However, because the last two winters have been milder than usual, billions of slugs in the UK have become “sleepless”. Due to their lack of hibernation, the molluscs have been able to reproduce all through the winter and have become larger. As such, the conservation charity Buglife estimate that there could be up to 200 slugs within one cubic metre of the average garden.


Spanish cannibal slugs

Dog InsuranceA huge rise in British slug numbers isn’t the only problem. Cannibalistic Spanish slugs have started making the UK their home as well. The six-inch slugs have also been mating with (and eating!) our native molluscs, meaning extra-large gastropods are starting to crop up. Their migration, apparently using salad leaves as vessels, came as a surprise – no one expects the Spanish Inquisition!



Dog InsuranceSlugs and snails can make your pupper extremely ill. Many of them carry lungworm larvae and, if eaten, can infect animals. They grow inside the animal, moving steadily towards the heart or blood vessels before producing their own larvae. By that stage things can be serious, with the lungs, liver, intestine, eyes and spinal cord potentially at risk. Dogs will rarely eat a slug on purpose, but if their bowl is left outside for a short while, be sure to check it over before letting them eat from it again.


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