Heading out on an adventure in life can create memories that last for a lifetime. Taking along your camera to snap away and capture the magic can mean that, even if they do pass by in a flash, those moments stay a little clearer forever! At The Insurance Emporium, we want to help feed your passions as a photographer; always remembering the wonderful things that you’ve seen and places you’ve been. We’ve taken a look at some of the top photography trends for 2018 that could keep your memories in focus for years to come!

Camera InsuranceA smart way to take pictures!

Whether it’s a free Skype call to the other side of the world or an app that can tell you how many steps that you’ve taken in a day, there is no doubt that the mobile phone has come a long way since the days of the humble Nokia 3210! The quality of the cameras on our mobile smartphone devices could eventually see them replace cameras. According to Statista, 85% of photos taken worldwide in 2017 were snapped on smartphones! There are all kinds of new apps and accessories being made available to improve your images. Many phones now come equipped with fish eye and wide angle lenses, slow motion video and much more, putting them on a par with some compact DSLR cameras. The real deal breaker could be the ease of access to the internet. With a mobile phone it’s possible to connect to social media and download editing software at the touch of your screen. You might want to consider checking out an app such as Camera Zoom FX, which boasts a whole load of different features such as frames, filters and, for the more technical, tap to focus and tap to shoot features.

Editing evolution

When artificial intelligence is mentioned then your mind might take you straight to movies and the threat of ‘the robots taking over’. It’s not that scary though! New software is becoming widely available which will automatically edit your photos without you having to lift a finger. This could be the perfect software for those who are starting out in photography or for seasoned enthusiasts who want to try something different. Photo Lemur is an app that can automatically give your photos a spruce up. If you’re using this app you can simply upload your pictures at the end of the day and it’ll pick the images that it deems to be ‘best’ before editing them for you. Obviously this is all very subjective, however the real intelligence is how the app adapts to you and your style. Over time it can learn what your preferences are and edit pictures to its perception of your tastes. 2018 could also see Adobe keeping up with the AI trend and releasing their own software for photo editing.

Camera InsuranceCaught on film!

The traditional film camera began making a return last year and the renaissance looks to be continuing into 2018. One of the biggest stories of the year so far in the camera world could be Kodak announcing details of their new Super 8 camera. This retro video camera may not be much use to a keen photographer but it potentially signals a huge moment in the shift back to a traditional style of camera. On top of this, they announced in 2017 that they’d be relaunching their previously discontinued Ektachrome film. Whilst it may not offer the same benefits as digital when it comes to editing and sharing pictures, it could be a great option for the purists. Some folks believe that using this type of camera can help hone your skills as a photographer, removing the option to take a load of unnecessary shots just because you can! The variety of cameras and films available can potentially open the door to a whole array of different colours and grains in images, helping to make sure that each picture has its own nuances. Maybe those days of waiting outside the pharmacy for your pictures to get developed will make a comeback!

Camera InsuranceMacro mania!

Macro photography is an art form that might require an extremely patient hand but which could also have fantastic results. These close-up pictures focus on the fine details that our eyes can’t ordinarily pick up. Macro photographers tend to use a lot of extreme close-up pictures of insects, flowers and more. These shots aren’t just any old close-up though and you’ll probably need to be creative and original to make your mark as a macro photographer! Using the right equipment could be a huge factor and there are plenty of options out there for new lenses in 2018! The new Nikon AF-S 105mm lens has built in VR technology, which is designed to produce steadier shots and better picture quality. For beginners, something like the Canon 50mm f/2.5 EF Macro might be a great starting point when looking for a macro photography lens. This could be the perfect type of photography to let your creativity run loose and prove that bigger isn’t always better!

Taking along a camera can help to preserve memories for a lifetime – although you might want to be a little more careful than Mr Benn and Eddie on their safari adventure! Camera equipment can be expensive, so before you head on your next snap-happy escapade, you might want to think about Camera Insurance. You never know when you could run into a startled gorilla like Gus! At The Insurance Emporium, we offer a 25% Introductory Discount as well as New For Old cover across all of our policies! Focus on The Insurance Emporium today to see if you can develop a deal on your cover!


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