Insurance is an important part of many of life’s adventures, but there could be some things you’re passionate about, that you didn’t even realise could be insured! At The Insurance Emporium, we want to encourage everyone to get the most out of life, which is why we’re sharing some of our insurance policies that might surprise you! Read on to discover how you could benefit!


Does the idea of spending your weekends on the green fill you with anticipation? If the answer is yes, you’ll realise that the costs associated with golf can become quite steep! It’s not just your clubs, clothing and other equipment – you might also have to pay for a club membership, enter tournaments or to cover accidental damage. Did you know that if you manage a coveted hole-in-one, you could be expected to pay for a round of drinks, not only for your partners, but for everyone in the clubhouse?

specialist Insurance policies - golf

Insurance could help with these costs. The Insurance Emporium’s tweakable Golf Insurance policies offer cover for all of these – including Hole-In-One cover up to £500!* You can customise your policy with a range of Optional Benefits, including cover for Gadgets and Mobile Phones, Golf Clothes and Family Member Cover! Find out more about our Golf Insurance here.  


If you’re passionate about casting off and enjoy spending time pursuing your next big catch, you’ll know fishing isn’t always plain sailing! The last thing you want is for that monster fish to cause damage to your rod, or for ill health to prevent you from taking part in competition. Not only can the results be costly, they could definitely put a damper on your day!

Specialist Insurance Policies - fishing

While fishing insurance can’t prevent mishaps and illness, it could help to make them less of a nightmare! Our Fishing Insurance policies will cover your equipment for Loss, Theft Or Accidental Damage, Match Entry Fees and Unattended Vehicle as standard. You can then add Optional Benefits such as Fishing Technology and Fishing Clothes. If you make a record catch, our insurance policies could even give you a pay out as reward! Find out more about our Fishing Insurance here!   


Cycling can be many things – a commute, a sport, a hobby or a great way to get fit! Whatever the reason for your two-wheeled passion, it might be extremely inconvenient should anything untoward happen to your bike or accessories. Being unable to use your cycle might take away your main means of transportation, or simply mean you have to cancel your plans for the weekend!

Specialist Insurance Policies - Cycle

Cycle insurance can help you to recover some of the costs of incidents involving your bike, such as Theft, Accidental Loss Or Damage. The Insurance Emporium’s Pick ‘n’ Mix Cycle Insurance offers a range of Optional Benefits such as Competitive Use, Unattended Vehicle and Bicycle Technology, so you can make a policy as unique as your bike! Find out more about how you could benefit from Cycle Insurance here.  

These are just some of the more interesting insurance products we have on offer! Whether your passion is for golf, fishing, cycling, or something else entirely, we might have the right policy for you! Visit The Insurance Emporium today to find out how we might be able to protect your next adventure!

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