Fishing can be a great way to relax and enjoy the great outdoors, enabling you to connect with nature whilst on your angling adventures. However, the health benefits of fishing are often overlooked and perhaps under-estimated. Whether you’re a weekend coarse angler or a serious saltwater shore fisher, casting your line can lead to some fantastic health benefits that you might not even realise… as if by magic! At The Insurance Emporium, your well-being is important to us so we’ve put together this guide on the surprising health benefits of fishing!

Fishing InsuranceWaterside workout

Many people associate fishing with long periods of sitting down and waiting for bite. This may very well be the case but it doesn’t tell the full story! Angling could be a fantastic way to boost your health and get in a good cardio workout. The first step in this could be the walk from your car to the ideal fishing spot. Locating the perfect place to cast off might take a little exploring – all of this with equipment in hand! The legs might get an extra hard workout if you’re fly fishing, because wading against those currents could be the perfect resistance! After you’ve got yourself set up, casting off is great exercise for your arms and back. The real benefits for that all-over workout could be found in those tussles when you get a bite. Reeling in a fish can be a tiring and physical battle and might take all of your core, and upper-body, strength to complete. That fight with a stubborn sturgeon could be sculpting you into an angling Adonis!

Catching some rays!

Spending a day sitting in the sunshine and angling for a bite can have more health benefits than you might realise. Vitamin D is the nutrient that our body creates from direct sunlight on our skin and it can do great things health-wise. Without getting too scientific, this nutrient helps our bodies absorb calcium and phosphate which are important for healthy bones and muscles. If you’re out fishing on a nice day then the chances are that you might be sat in the sun for hours at a time, all the while your body could be stocking up on this vital mineral. In the UK the best times for this are from late-March to September as the sunlight doesn’t contain enough UVB radiation in winter for our bodies to create vitamin D. Ironically, food can also be a source of this vitamin for humans and this often comes from fish such as salmon and mackerel! You could be doubling up on your vitamin D on a successful day! It’s important to remember that the sun’s rays can also be harmful, so wearing sunscreen might be advisable.

Fishing InsuranceCast away your stress

The gentle trickle of running water, the warm sun beating down on you, fresh, clear air in your lungs, it all sounds quite tranquil, doesn’t it? It’s no surprise that some people find fishing to be the perfect way to relax. Heading out coarse fishing can mean long periods sitting by a quiet lake and plenty of time with your own thoughts. The only distraction that you have might be feeling the gentle tug on your line and really tuning into the sport. This could have great effects on your stress levels and lead to a general feeling of relaxation. Stress might have terrible effects on your body, so alleviating this could be a lifesaver and just generally make you feel better! A great example of the effects that fishing can do to help with mental problems is the work done by Rivers of Recovery in the USA. Their research found that army veterans who took on their fishing programmes saw dramatically reduced levels of the stress hormone cortisol in the days and weeks after a fishing trip.

Fishing InsuranceHave a little patience

Unless you’re an incredibly lucky angler, the odds are that you won’t cast your line into the water and find yourself reeling in a big fish within minutes! Fishing could be the perfect way to improve your patience. There might be times when you leave after a day of fishing having caught nothing or perhaps you’ve been seconds from landing a monster but had it slip away. Either way, you could find yourself having your temper tested. How does patience help with your health? Well, it’s likely that you’ll feel more relaxed and possibly even more content in yourself. It could also be helpful in keeping your blood pressure from rising and might help to keep your immune system strong. It could take you a while to develop this persistence in the face of defeat but it’ll be worth it when your keepnet is brimming! The feeling of reeling in a fish when you’ve refused to quit might get that serotonin pumping and give you a great natural high!

Heading out on a fishing trip could have plenty of positive effects on your health and improve your lifestyle. Whilst you might find yourself feeling generally better from spending days by the water, it might be worth also thinking about fishing equipment insurance to protect your passion. At The Insurance Emporium, our new Fishing Insurance policies include a 25% Introductory Discount with up to £15,000* for Loss, Theft or Accidental Damage! If that has you nibbling at the bait, head to The Insurance Emporium to find out more! 

*Lunar Monthly Zander policy only.


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