Our loved ones are generally more important to us than anything else. They share with us the good times and accept our odd little quirks. In turn, we hope to support them, encouraging them to follow their passions and dreams. But life isn’t always a fairytale. This magical adventure called life can throw up some unexpected surprises! Life insurance can be a wise purchase if you want your loved ones to be provided for financially in the event of your passing. But there are some common life insurance misconceptions that you ought to be aware of first.

It’s only for old people

It’s always worth remembering that accidents can occur to even the most youthful and fittest of us all! On that basis, there really is no set age when it might be best to get life insurance. But a fit and healthy 25-year-old’s policy may be cheaper than a 50-year-old’s. So, if you’re young, sprightly and like the idea of putting your mind at rest in case of a sudden problem, life insurance could be a useful addition.

You can just get it when you need it

Unfortunately that is not how life insurance works! In the scenario whereby you take out life insurance cover when you need it, the policy could be voided and your loved ones may be left in the lurch by an unwelcome surprise if you aren’t prepared for the worst.

You don’t need it if you haven’t got dependants

For many, the purpose of life insurance is pretty simple! It may help secure the future financial stability of your immediate family and those who depend on you. By that logic, many believe there’s no point in getting life insurance if you’ve not got kids, but your extended family could still end up getting tied to any costs associated with your passing, such as paying for your funeral.

Life insurance is expensive

Hogwash! How expensive your policy is depends on a number of factors. Among them are; how much cover you want, how long you want it for and what extras you opt for. It’s up to you how expensive your policy is, but you don’t have to pay through the teeth. For example, at The Insurance Emporium premiums start from as little as £5!

No-one wants to consider this crazy thing called life coming to an end. But unpredictability is an everyday aspect of living. It’s always good to know that any important financial issues could be taken care of if you’re not around to sort them yourself. At The Insurance Emporium* we offer a range of five types of Life Insurance, including a No Fixed Term policy, so you can choose a policy which best suits you and your needs.

*The Insurance Emporium life insurance is arranged by Insurance Broker ActiveQuote Ltd. ActiveQuote Ltd. is an aggregator not an insurer. They generate quotes from a panel of insurers.

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