Life can be full of adventures and there’s a big, fascinating world to explore out there. Sometimes it may feel as though everything revolves around your community, but there are over 7 billion other people who span a myriad of cultures. Of course, the internet is a wonderful tool and allows us to learn about a huge range of topics. However, sometimes there’s no substitute for getting out there and really seeing our spectacular planet for yourself, hence why travelling is such an important aspect of lots of peoples’ lives. Whether you’re just hopping on a ferry or flying across the Atlantic, we have a few tips which might make your trip a little less stressful.

Learn common phrases

We aren’t trying to suggest you need to become fluent in Spanish for your one-week trip to Barcelona. However, learning a few phrases relating to activities you’re planning might just save you a little bother. So, if you think you’ll be eating out a fair amount, get comfortable with ordering en Español. At the very least, familiarise yourself with asking if a native speaks English. And remember, speaking English in a Spanish accent won’t make you more understandable!

Let someone at home know your plans

Everyone loves to let people know that they’re going on holiday. Whether it’s just in normal conversation, disguised as a humble-brag or used to fill that awkward silence around the water fountain in the office. Surely then, giving someone every little detail about your upcoming trip to Portugal is ideal? Whether it’s a parent, friend or neighbour, give them your itinerary so they know where you’ll be staying and when. If you’re going to be based in a hotel, make sure they’ve got the phone number. It’s all about ensuring you’re reachable in the event of an emergency at home.

Separate money

It’s pretty normal to take a significant amount of cash with you when you go on holiday. After all, there aren’t many better times to treat yo’self! You’ll rarely, if ever, want to take all of your money out with you. However, if you do, the same thing applies for when leaving cash in your accommodation; split it up. Try not to leave all your money in the same place, because if you do and some mischievous character decides to take what doesn’t belong to them, you could be left in a spot of bother.

Meet locals

Whether you’re going to Paris or Munich, no amount of guidebooks will give you a truly comprehensive understanding of the city’s every nook and cranny. They might have all the main tourist attractions, but for things to do off the beaten track, you might have to think a little differently. Locals will have ideas, however. No one will know the area better. So if you still can’t find that unique and elusive Scottish-Mexican fusion restaurant, ask a local. However, you’ve probably fallen for a friend’s prank if that’s the cuisine you’re looking for!

Back up data

Technology is such a massive part of our daily lives that you’re probably bringing at least one type of device with you on holiday, whether that’s a shiny new camera, a laptop or a smart phone. If you and your devices are so inseparable that you can’t leave them for a week, then the chances are you’ve got plenty of files you’d be sad to lose forever. You never know what can happen when you’re in a strange place, so it’s better to be prepared and have all your data backed up, just in case.

Holidays should be an enthralling adventure or a relaxing retreat. They certainly shouldn’t be stressful, but we all know they can be. Airports are often a primary cause for holiday stress, particularly when it comes to the dreaded news that your luggage hasn’t reached its intended destination. But with The Insurance Emporium’s Black cover level, you could get up to £2,500 worth of Personal Effects & Baggage protection should your belongings not turn up on your voyage. Stop by the Emporium today to find out more!


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