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Your wedding day is an incredible event but it can also be incredibly eventful! It marks the coming together of months and months of meticulous planning. Everything from food and flowers, to transport and colour schemes have to be booked, hired or purchased. Whether you’re immensely organised or happier to go with the flow and plan things last minute, either way there’s a lot to do. But when there’s so much to consider, there’s always a possibility of something going wrong or a supplier failing to make good on a contract. Check out our awesome infographic to discover some of our wildest and wackiest wedding claims facts…

Location Location Location

It’s said that when you’re struck by misfortune, it can happen at anytime, anywhere. There’s not much you can do to avoid it. However, we had a look at our statistics for claims and discovered that this wasn’t necessarily the case. When you look at our hotspot claim map, it would appear that Gloucester is more likely to cost you, with 14.04% of our claims coming from that region. Surrey wasn’t too far behind at 12.28%. So, don’t always believe the old adage that lightning never strikes the same place twice!

Less Fear Early In The Year

It probably won’t come as a huge surprise to learn that we received the most claims in August. The weather is better and the bank holidays can make it one of the preferred times of year for booking a wedding. Taking a peak at our statistics, however, a wintry wedding in January or February might be more preferable for the faint of heart! We didn’t receive any claims for weddings in either month, whereas August made up almost a quarter (24.56%)! That’s more than double any other month, with October, June and September (all 10.53%) the closest challengers.

Missed The Bus

­We’ve all been stood at a bus stop, usually in the rain, waiting fruitlessly for a bus to turn up. After all, there’s something quintessentially British about that image. But regardless of how fittingly British that may be, you wouldn’t expect it to happen on your wedding day! Unfortunately for one poor couple and their guests, they were left stranded when their wedding day transport failed to show. Not an ideal start to the marriage!

Car Trouble Leaves DJ In A Spin

Most dancefloors at weddings are generally full of guests waiting for one of two things; the bride’s dad to stop embarrassing himself, or the DJ to bring in the breakdown. However, at one reception, the couple and guests were left patiently waiting for their DJ due to his car breaking down! That won’t look good on his record. Unfortunately we’re unable to confirm whether or not the bride’s dad tried impose his ABBA obsession on all the attendees.


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