When it’s cold outside, it’s lovely to be able to curl up at home in front of the fire – or, if you don’t have a fire, you’ll at least be glad to have the radiators on! As you’ll be spending more time indoors, you’ll want to make sure your home remains a comfortable and warm place. Unfortunately, there are a few hazards that can become apparent in your home during the winter months. Here are some home hazards to be aware of when the weather outside is frightful.

The heat is on!

Like we mentioned earlier, you’ll probably be cranking up the central heating while the weather is cold. So, it wouldn’t be ideal if your heating system were to encounter any problems. Advice from the MET Office says your home should be heated to at least 18°C as cold weather can increase your blood pressure and raise the risk of chest infections. If you haven’t already done so this year, it’s worth getting your boiler serviced to ensure that it’s in full working order and is less likely to break over winter.

No smoke without fire…

If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace, no doubt you’ll be taking full advantage of that throughout the cold season! You may also like to have candles on around the house for ambience. Because of all these open flames, the risk of a house fire is higher in winter. Check that your fire alarms are working so that you can be alerted to a fire quickly and hopefully ensure it’s put out before any irreparable damage is caused. Also, make sure that your chimney has been properly cleaned out to avoid flames backfiring into your home and starting a blaze that way.

Pipes blocked with ice aren’t all that nice…

When the temperature drops, your water pipes become more likely to freeze. When this happens, they are more likely to crack as they thaw. What’s more, water pressure building up behind the ice blockage could cause them to burst. To avoid this happening, check that your pipes are well insulated, particularly those that are in your attic or outside wall as they are the ones that are most likely to freeze. It’s also worth locating the stop tap in your house, just so that you can turn off the water supply to your house if the pipes do burst.

Raise the roof!

With British weather being notoriously wet and windy over winter, your roof could potentially become damaged and loose roof tiles might end up sliding off. Falling roof tiles can be risky for you, or any passers-by, and can also damage surrounding property. It’s worth checking that your roof tiles are in good condition and replacing any that are cracked or loose.

You’ll be gutted if this happens…

With leaves having fallen from the trees over autumn and with the possibility of snow coming down during winter, the guttering surrounding your house could have snow, ice and leaves piling up in it. If this stops your gutters from draining properly then the water could leak into your attic or the side of your house. The gutter could even break away from your house if the weight gets too much. To avoid these things happening, try to make time to clear out your gutters.

Careful planning and preparation should hopefully ensure that your house can weather the winter. However, sometimes things can go wrong that you just can’t foresee, so it might be worth insuring your property. At The Insurance Emporium*, there are 3 types of insurance to choose from and you can use the 24-hour claims line if you need be. If you’re looking for home insurance, why not open the door to The Insurance Emporium today?


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