Driving is an absolutely vital part of many people’s lives, whether you have to drive to work every day, or just use your car for magical adventures at the weekend. Either way, they provide us with a far greater sense of freedom than public transport and you get to enjoy a bit of privacy at the same time, so no one will be judging you for having ABBA playing on repeat. But it’s a fact of life that, although we all, in theory, receive more or less the same training when it comes to driving, some people are more susceptible to picking up bad habits than others when spending so much time on the road. Given the amount of people on the roads and the fact you’re in control of a huge metal machine which is sometimes moving at more than 60mph, safety should be at the front of your mind. Speeding, drink-driving, ignoring your seatbelt and using your phone are the big no-nos, but there are plenty of other transgressions that you should look to stop as soon as possible!

Failing to indicate

Those little blinking orange lights on the outside of your car are not there for decoration! Using your indicators will generally be one of the first things you are introduced to when you start learning to drive, but you should already be well aware of why they’re there. If you don’t indicate where you’re going, then other road users can’t be expected to react quickly to your erratic driving!


If there’s one thing which is probably ranked first in most people’s lists of driving pet peeves, it’s tailgating. We’ve all been victims of it, whether driving on a country road or a motorway. Not only is driving right up behind someone extremely irritating, it’s also very dangerous. It can cause the person in front to become nervous, potentially affecting their driving, while the close proximity of the two vehicles greatly increases the chances of a collision should there be a need for sudden braking.

Letting fuel run low

Your fuel gauge says you’ve got less than a quarter of a tank left, but you’re adamant that you’ve still got enough juice for a couple more journeys before you really need to fill up. You might be right, but the fuel at the bottom of your tank could accumulate dirt and grime over time, meaning the fuel pump and filters can take a bit of a battering. On top of that, fuel works as a coolant and lubricant, so letting it run right down could result in issues for the pump.

Middle-lane hogging

On the face of it, when you’re driving down a relatively quiet motorway, hogging the middle lane may not seem like a big problem. However, it can be quite dangerous in busier situations, as it can cause congestion and encourage undertaking. You should always drive in the left-hand lane unless you’re overtaking. Once you’ve finished overtaking, you should return to the left-hand lane again when possible. After all, you can get fined for keeping the middle lane to yourself!

Slowing down to look at an accident

You’re crawling along a motorway for several miles in heavy traffic. Eventually things start to speed up, but then you’re having to apply the brakes once again shortly after. That’s usually because people are slowing down to have a nosey at an accident or incident on the side of the road. It’s frustrating for everyone else, because it only prolongs the irritation of congestion, but it’s also dangerous as your rubberneckin’ means you’re not concentrating on the road in front of you. Mind your own business and move along!

There are millions and millions of people and cars on the road every day in the UK, and that’s unlikely to change for a very, very long time – if ever! Each one of us drives differently, regardless of whether we’ve picked up any of these bad habits or not. But one thing that should be consistent among all of us as a legal requirement is buying car insurance. The Insurance Emporium* offer three types of protection; Third Party Only, Third Party Fire & Theft and Comprehensive, and on top of that, there’s the chance to get up to 70% No Claims Discount! If that piques your interest, then head over to the Emporium today!

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